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It used to be you could print up a newspaper ad or run a television commercial and call your marketing done. Perhaps, as an ambitious marketer, you added your company into the yellow pages. After spending all that money, you just sat back and watched the business flow in. For good or for bad, those days are gone. Today, your clients have access to information in a variety of ways. No longer are they limited to the medium you want to advertise to them on. In addition, and this may have always been true, no one wants to be marketed at. The day of inbound marketing has not only arrived, it is the new standard. At Endless Mountain Solutions, we are prepared to help you not only establish yourself in this arena, we are poised to help you measure your marketing success.

Inbound marketing completely flips your marketing focus upside down. No longer are you telling clients how great you are, instead, you are empowering your clients to tell each other how great you are. You know this in your own life, you would rather listen to a friend tell about a product than a salesman. Your friend has nothing to gain so immediately your defenses go down and you are able to truly listen in about the product.

So how do you get all of your clients marketing on your behalf? The secret: give them what they want. At Endless Mountain Solutions, we have a passion for getting your business at the forefront of inbound marketing and getting your clients what they want. We help you focus in on your clients, what they are looking for, and the best platform to deliver it on. We set you up so your clients are fully empowered to share your great message.

Above all, we help you measure your inbound marketing success. Unless you have unlimited funds, measuring your marketing is key to growing your business. Knowing what is working and what isn't will help you wisely use every marketing dollar you have. Our process measures your success across numerous platforms. From television, to print, to online marketing, you will realize what has the greatest reach and where you should cut your investment back. We look forward to working with you on your inbound marketing strategies.

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What Clients are Saying

  • I’ve been impressed with how you balance what’s available with what’s appropriate for our business situation.  We’ve had experience with people before who just want to install stuff for the sake of installing it, not realizing that it really didn’t have applicability to our situation and, us not being tech savvy enough to know the difference, we ended up with stuff we didn’t need.  I feel comfortable that you understand our business well enough to make good tech decisions on our behalf.  

    Jen Karelus - Chief Operations Officer at Miller Spraying

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  • When our website needed an upgrade, Endless Mountain Solutions was there to see us through the daunting process of reworking it from the ground up. Not only was the process painless, but the results were fantastic! Endless Mountain Solutions provided excellent communication every step of the way, and their responsiveness was extraordinary. I highly recommend Endless Mountain Solutions for their work ethic, performance, and their genuine nature in all interactions.  

    Perry Koslow, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CKTP - Physical Therapist and Regional Vice President at ProCare Physical Therapy

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