How to Import Media into Orchard CMS Media Manager

Import Media into Orchard CMS Media Manager

The Orchard CMS Media Manager is a powerful, easy to use tool for managing your media content. Inside Orchard CMS, the expression "media" refers to images, documents, videos, and audio with all of these being managed through the same Media Manager interface. Whether the media comes from your computer via upload or is taken directly off the internet, Orchard CMS uses the Media Manager to handle all of this for you.

Step by Step Instructions on Orchard CMS Media Manager Basics

  1. The first place to start is to log in and then click on the "Dashboard" link
    Orchard CMS Click Dashboard Link
  2. Once you are in the Dashboard, you can click on the "Media" link on the left hand side
    Orchard CMS Click Media Manager Link
  3. This will open up the Media Manager where you can see all your media folders. For this example, we are going to click on the "Blog" folder
  4. Once the "Blog" folder is activated, you can click on "Import" to start the process of grabbing your media
    Orchard CMS Click on Blog Folder then Import
  5. You will now be presented with a screen for uploading your Media. By default, it will be set to upload media from "My Computer".
    1. This is the one we will focus on in this tutorial though in the future we can look at how to utilize the "Web Search" and "Media Url" options.
    2. To get your media in just drag and drop them onto the area indicated below.
    3. OR if you like to browse and select your media one at a time, simply click on the "Click here, Drop files or Paste images" link in the center of the Media areaOrchard CMS Media Manager Import from My Computer  
  6. After you have dragged your media onto the screen (or manually uploaded it using browse) your screen will be full of the resulting thumbnails. Once you have all the media you need, simply click on "Close" in the upper right hand corner to return to your Media folder
    Orchard CMS Close Import View
  7. You are now complete and will see your most recent uploaded thumbnails
    Orchard CMS Results of Media Manager Import
Should you have any questions on the above process just throw them in the comments. If you have any other areas you are looking for assistance in setting up and utilizing Orchard CMS you can contact us directly.

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