Big Dome Push Button 3.3 Volts (3.3V) or 5 Volts (5V)

Big Dome Push Button

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I recently purchased the Big Red Dome Push Button and love it, what a great button. However, it comes configured to use 12 Volts (12V) which means you need to figure out how to use it with your Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects.

Big Dome Push Button Voltage Hard to Use with Raspberry Pi or Arduino

While the switch itself works across multiple voltages, the LED bulb on the big dome push button is set up for 12 volts (12V). This doesn't work well when you are trying to use it in a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino project. In order to solve this problem, you can provide a secondary power source of 12 volts (12V) to power the big dome push button's LED. This is a bigger process since you then need to interface with the higher voltage to control it rather than just using the Raspberry Pi or Arduino output pins. Another option is to modify the big dome push button to have it accept either the 3.3 volts (3.3V) or 5 volts (5V) provided by the Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Modifying the big dome push button provides the easiest method of allowing you to keep your project simple.

Solution: A Big Dome Push Button Configured for 3.3 Volts (3.3V) or 5 Volts (5V)

As a handy person, you can obviously take the time to configure the big dome push button for use with 3.3 volts (3.3V) or 5 volts (5V) or anything in between. But why would you waste your time when we can build it for you! You have more important projects to build than to modify the big dome push button so we are providing our solution to you.

Big Dome Push Button (Bottom)

Purchase the Big Dome Push Button at 3.3 Volts (3.3V) or 5 Volts (5V)

Button Includes:

  • Big Dome Push Button (not the Economy version but the heavier duty button)
    • Your choice of color
    • Your choice of voltage

Technical Specifications on Big Dome Push Button

  • Button Diameter: 4"
    • Actual color area on button: 3"
  • Button Height: 3.25"

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  • I’ve been impressed with how you balance what’s available with what’s appropriate for our business situation.  We’ve had experience with people before who just want to install stuff for the sake of installing it, not realizing that it really didn’t have applicability to our situation and, us not being tech savvy enough to know the difference, we ended up with stuff we didn’t need.  I feel comfortable that you understand our business well enough to make good tech decisions on our behalf.  

    Jen Karelus - Chief Operations Officer at Miller Spraying

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