PT Compliance Group

PT Compliance Group, based out of Wyalusing, PA, provides physical therapy compliance services to their clients throughout the United States. In an area where many fear to tread, PT Compliance Group is a breath of fresh air as they work with clients helping them to become "Confidently Compliant".

As a national industry, PT Compliance Group is faced with challenges of time and space. The ability to stop in and see your client is not always feasible. In this, PT Compliance Group excels by staying in communication via other means. From emails, to phone calls, to online meetings, PT Compliance Group ensures the client knows that they come first, any time.

While being a national company has it's challenges, PT Compliance Group is optimizing on all its possibilities. Realizing the need to present a clear representation of their services, PT Compliance Group has used web technologies to showcase, sell, and even be their service. They provide quality service using every tool they can.

Endless Mountain Solutions is proud to partner with PT Compliance Group.

  • ChartSafe Web Tool for PT Compliance Group

    Often the most valuable asset you have is your knowledge. If you can utilize this knowledge with others, you have a product. PT Compliance Group, an expert in physical therapy compliance, realized just this when they brought their internal knowledge to Endless Mountain Solutions and asked us to turn it into an online product. This online tool, ChartSafe, needed to provide Chart Auditing capabilities to the clients of PT Compliance Group. Based on a proprietary interviewing process and scoring system, ChartSafe is able to provide clients with real time feedback on how well they are documenting their Physical Therapy patient visits.


  • National Reaching Website for PT Compliance Group

    When your goal is reaching clients throughout the United States, you want to ensure your website presentation is clean and easy to navigate. Endless Mountain Solutions worked with PT Compliance Group to identify all of the service offerings they provided their clients and packaged this in an easy to navigate website. Realizing PT Compliance Group puts a lot of effort into their seminars and webinars, we set up the website so visitors can easily find these upcoming events. Due to the constant addition of new information, Endless Mountain Solutions utilized the Orchard CMS platform to provide ease of content entry and also the ability to adapt with changes as the client grows.


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What Clients are Saying

  • You are certainly going over and beyond the call of your "developing website duties" in helping us with other issues of our business. We can't imagine getting this type of service and individual attention from any other company!

    Captain Scott and Cindy Durant - Owners of Milky Way Fishing Charters

  • I’ve been impressed with how you balance what’s available with what’s appropriate for our business situation.  We’ve had experience with people before who just want to install stuff for the sake of installing it, not realizing that it really didn’t have applicability to our situation and, us not being tech savvy enough to know the difference, we ended up with stuff we didn’t need.  I feel comfortable that you understand our business well enough to make good tech decisions on our behalf.  

    Jen Karelus - Chief Operations Officer at Miller Spraying

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