ProCare Physical Therapy

ProCare Physical Therapy, with multiple locations in Northeast Pennsylvania, provides their clients with exceptional physical therapy services. These services include aquatic therapy, golf K-Vest program, cardiac, and athletic training services to name a few. Combined with their patient care, ProCare Physical Therapy is committed to providing the best that physical therapy has to offer.

As an established community company, ProCare wanted to ensure clients everywhere understood the services they provide and the locations where these services can be attained. In addition, it was important to remove all hindrances for clients to be able to find out information and connect with their therapist.

Internally, ProCare Physical Therapy works hard every day maintaining compliance with industry healthcare regulation so their clients can focus on the most important thing, getting well. They are committed to understanding and managing their business to ensure they will be servicing clients for years to come as we know they will.

Endless Mountain Solutions is proud to partner with ProCare Physical Therapy.

  • Easy to Navigate Website for ProCare Physical Therapy

    ProCare Physical Therapy provides quality care to their patients and desired the website to reflect their values. The website needed to be easy to navigate so potential clients could easily find the services they were looking for. In addition, the website needed to make it easy for clients to contact ProCare with any requests they had.

    To meet ProCare Physical Therapy's needs, it was decided that the home page clearly lay out the range of services offered. Our graphic department prepared imagery allowing the client to immediately see and choose the type of service they were interested in.


  • Integrated Excel Reports for ProCare Physical Therapy

    Like many rapidly growing companies, ProCare Physical Therapy has an array of data sources to pull information from. Preparing reports was a time consuming process and involved numerous people. However, these reports provided valuable insights into the business and were a necessary component of operations. The need was to be able to provide these reports more efficiently and to provide reports across the multiple data sources.


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What Clients are Saying

  • Endless Mountain Solutions has been an integral part in the success of our business.  They have been a major part of the development and maintenance of our website as well as helped create tools to increase our bottom line. We can rely on the EMS team because they are dependable, honest, and looking out for the best interest of our business.  We would not be in the situation we are today without the assistance of EMS.  I highly recommend their team of professionals.

    Adam Rubert - Compliance Associate at PT Compliance Group

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  • You are certainly going over and beyond the call of your "developing website duties" in helping us with other issues of our business. We can't imagine getting this type of service and individual attention from any other company!

    Captain Scott and Cindy Durant - Owners of Milky Way Fishing Charters

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