Commissioning Process for Block Imaging Parts & Service

If you have a sales force, you want to develop flexible processes that give your sales team incentive to do what they do best, sell. However, if you use package software you are constrained to the processes which come with the product. Typically this is not the most conducive to your needs. Block Imaging Parts & Service faced such a challenge with their SAP system.

Endless Mountain Solutions was able to work with Block Imaging Parts & Service to understand their goals for the commissioning process, which involved rate changes for different thresholds, key accounts, and other considerations based on milestones reached. Upon understanding the problem, we were able to implement a custom application which ran at the end of every day, analyzed the daily transactions, and performed the appropriate calculations based upon the client's desires. This information was then made accessible via an integrated Excel reporting system which provided insight into the past commissions as well as exception handling if there were data inconsistencies. 

Block Imaging Parts & Service now has an automated system with exception handling, saving their accounting department numerous hours in the commissioning cycle.

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